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Edo Antripan

Hemoparasiticide. . See Sheet Here

Diminazene Diaceturate, Oxytetracycline, Antipyrine, Vitamin B-12.



Broad-spectrum hemoparasiticide, for complete treatment against hemoparasites such as Anaplasma, Babesia and Trypanosoma.

Diminazene diaceturate controls blood parasites; oxytetracycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic; antipyrine controls fever; vitamin B12 is an anti-anemic factor that helps recovery.



Each mL contains:
Oxytetracycline hydrochloride 100mg
diminazene diaceturate 35mg
Antipyrine 150mg
Cyanocobalamin 50 mcg
csp excipients 1mL


Species of Use:





Registration No.: ICA: 6639 MV – Colombia – MIDA: RF – 4941-09 – Panama – MAGA: CO14-07-28-61 – Guatemala

Product Presentations:

30mL, 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL


At the discretion of the Veterinarian.

Recommended dose: 1 mL/10 kg of weight. 

In horses, it is recommended to divide the dose and administer it with an interval of 1 to 2 hours to avoid symptoms of colic.

Route of Administration / Mode of Use:

Deep intramuscular injection.


In cattle, horses, sheep and dogs for the control and treatment of diseases caused by Anaplasma marginale, Babesia bigemina, B. bovis, B. ovis, B. canis, Theileria equi, Trypanosoma vivax and T. evansi.



Withdrawal time: Treated animals should not be slaughtered for human consumption until 21 days after the end of treatment. Milk produced during treatment and 6 days after the end of treatment should not be given for human consumption.  

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Keep in a cool place and protected from light. 

Sale under the formula of the Veterinary Doctor. 

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