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Edo Hexaderm

1. Healing.
2. Anesthetic.
3. Anti-inflammatory.
4. Antipruritic,
5. Antimicrobial.
6. Antifungal.

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Clotrimazole, Neomycin, Betamethasone, Zinc Oxide, Lidocaine 



Effective formula for dermatological use that mixes powerful active ingredients with the benefit of 6 actions: Healing, Anesthetic, Anti-inflammatory, Antipruritic, Antiallergic, Antimicrobial. Antifungal, to create a powerful solution to skin problems.




Each 100 g contains:
Clotrimazole 1.0g
Neomycin Base
(as Neomycin Sulfate 0.77 g)
Betamethasone (as Valerate 0.04 g). 0.03g
Zinc oxide 5.0g
lidocaine hydrochloride 2.0g
csp excipients 100g

Veterinary use.

Registration No.: ICA: 10362-MV – Colombia

Product Presentations:



Topical application on the skin in the affected area, 2 or 3 times a day, up to two days after the disappearance of symptoms.

Form of application:

Apply the amount indicated directly and evenly on the affected area.

Route of Administration / Mode of Use:

External use exclusively.


HEXADERM cream is an anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antimicrobial, fungicidal, healing and topical anesthetic.
It is indicated for the topical treatment of a wide variety of skin diseases that present with local inflammation and pruritus, complicated by a secondary infection caused by organisms sensitive to the components of this preparation or when the possibility of such an infection is suspected. Sensitive microorganisms: Trichophyton verrucosum, Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton floccosum, Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum, Candida albicans; Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., Corynebacterium spp., Proteus spp., Escherichia coli, Klebsiella spp., Shigella spp., Enterobacter spp.

Always read the technical sheet.


In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water.

Empty containers and any residual content must be disposed of in accordance with current regulations and the post-consumer collection program.

Avoid consumption of the cream by animals.

Sale under formula of the Veterinary Doctor.

Keep out of the reach of children and away from pets and food.


Keep in its original container, protected from heat and humidity.

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Discharge Folding Hexaderm

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